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Profit Engineering- helping local businesses into the NEW new digital age.
Greetings, My name is Vance, I have experience in many areas and lots of certifications and degrees….. Why?
The reason is, I am a servant & have a heart for ‘Entrepreneurial Dream’. As a professional commercial photographer & Sole Proprietor of many years, I know and understand ALL its difficulties! What MUST it take to motivate another to take ACTION by saying very little?
I have spent my life, well spent in my due diligence, so that I may help others to be profitable citizens. Please consider Mr. Vance 509-295-7680
Customer Service should be the focusing element in any business. Mr. Vance has 30 years of experience working with clients in many areas of business. (portraiture, photo labs, sales, academic advisor, business consultation, web design, printing services etc.)

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